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Whats The Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete?

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The best shoes for walking on concrete are those that have good support and cushioning. The soles should be thick enough to protect your feet from the hard ground, but not too heavy so they’re not cumbersome. When you’re looking for a shoe, think about what kind of surface it’s going to be used on most often! Here are some tips to help you find the perfect shoe.

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Wear shoes with a thicker rubber sole to prevent sliding.

If you’re going to be walking around outside, go with shoes that are made of thick rubber. They’ll provide excellent cushioning and support for your feet from getting sore too quickly! Shoes specifically designed as running footwear won’t do this because they protect joints instead – so if that’s what YOU want then, by all means, buy some (but we would recommend different types), but don’t forget about how much more comfortable wearing supportive street sides can make things when walking/running on concrete etc…

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Choose shoes that have good arch support for increased comfort.

Your feet are much more likely to be in pain when they’re not being supported properly. The best shoes for walking on concrete will give you the support your arches need so that shock doesn’t accumulate too quickly and result with foot fatigue faster than if this wasn’t an issue at all! You could also try custom orthotics, but these can cost quite a lot of money – something many people might not want or able afford

Wear closed-toe shoes so you don’t get any pebbles or dirt in your shoe.

Many people wear open-toed sandals or flip-flops when walking on concrete. While these are great for warmer weather, it’s important to have a closed-toe shoe when walking outdoors during the winter so you don’t get your feet wet! But if you’re not using your shoes indoors, try removable insoles lined with felt or cotton.

 Try to walk on the grass rather than concrete whenever possible

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If you must walk on concrete, wear socks and make sure they are high enough up your calf to stop debris from getting in between the sock and shoe. Walking on concrete is tough on your body. Make sure you’re wearing something with good cushioning, arch support, and thick rubber soles to help make walking a bit easier!

Always use handrails when walking upstairs; this will help reduce strain on feet and knees

When you’re walking on concrete, you will inevitably need to walk up or down some stairs at some point. Be sure to use handrails when walking up and down stairs so your hands can help take the weight off of your legs. This not only reduces the strain on your knees, it also prevents slips!

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Walk at a slower pace – it’s better for your body!

Your joints weren’t really meant to take the pounding that comes with walking on concrete. Walking on concrete is hard on your hips, knees, and ankles. Make sure you’re giving yourself enough time for breaks as well! Take 15-20 minute walk/breaks or even rest periods after every hour you’re walking around outside. This will ensure that your body has a chance to recover when it’s not going through the stresses of walking on concrete.


The best shoes for walking on concrete are those that have good support and cushioning. The soles should be thick enough to protect your feet from the hard ground, but not too heavy so they’re not cumbersome. Whether you need a shoe with arch support or something more lightweight depending on the surface it’s going to be used on most often, there is an option out there for you! We’ve outlined some of our favorite tips in this article about how to walk around outside without being as sore after just one day- follow these guidelines today, and we guarantee your body will thank you tomorrow!

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